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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Tips to love for shy and nervous boys

The shy boy is not very little in the world. Rather, when talking or mix up with girls, most of the boys feel very nervous. Many people cannot speak with eyes in sight, shuffle words, tremors in their hands, and frequent sweating etc. As a result, finding a lover becomes a really difficult task. Many people cannot even make girlfriends. Here are some effective tips to love for shy and nervous boys!

1) Do you feel nervous when talking to girls? You do not understand what to say and how to say? There is no need to talk in directly, make friends on the internet. Social media is the best place. Make a story, give a chat, and tell what you want to say. It's the Internet, he does not eat you. Slowly go to the video chat from chat, it will boost your confidence. Then meet face-to-face.

2) Give extra attention to your face and look. Make yourself smart by dressing and walking. As smart as you can, the shy and nervous feeling will be reduced.

3) Practice yourself speaking in front of the mirror. Suppose you take that there is a woman in the front or the girl you like. Imagine him repeatedly and think of what you would say and how to say.

4) When the girls are in front of the head becomes shuffle? Can't say anything properly? Get help with letters or e-mails to express your thoughts.

5) Does it take a lot of nerves to make a dating? Because you are a talkative type, then go dating in places where people are less. It will be a good restaurant to sit face-to-face.

6) If you go ahead, get nervous, become irritable, do not find words like? Let's talk to him while dating. Girls love to speak very well If you cannot tell, become a good master. He can ask him about his life. For the sake of his words, you can also say various praise indicators.

7) When you meet, do not understand how to start the conversation? Say a very simple one- "You look beautiful today or this dress fits you very much" Such women will be dissatisfied with this kind of praise. You do not have to try very much to make him happy.

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